What To Expect When Having Surgery For Superficial Spreading Melanoma Skin Cancer

The most common form of skin cancer in the U.S. is the superficial spreading melanoma (SSM). Roughly 70% of all reported cases of skin cancer are the result of SSM. This type of cancer can begin in moles and spread to other parts of the body. The longer the amount of time SSM cells are allowed to spread the more deadly the disease becomes. Light cases of SSM can usually be removed by performing a biopsy, but an advanced case typically requires an in-depth surgical procedure to remove the SSM cells.

Traveling With Neck And Back Pain

Flying is already an uncomfortable experience for many people, with narrow seats and little leg room. If you have chronic neck and back pain, a long flight can feel like torture. The key is to keep your muscles limber and the circulation in your back flowing. Here are a number of exercises that you can do on a flight to stretch your muscles and prevent them from getting sore. Tips for Doing These Exercises

3 Signs You Need To Seek Treatment From A Podiatrist For Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fascitis is a fancy name for heel pain. It occurs when there are problems with the ligament that runs from your heel bone to your toes. Most commonly affected are individuals who spend a great deal of time on their feet, such as waitresses, athletes, and those in the armed forces. Over-exercising is another cause of heel pain. A mild case of plantar fascitis can be treated at home; however, there are a few signs that indicate a visit to the podiatrist is needed.

Get Rid Of Those Unsightly Veins In Your Legs And Get Back Into Your Summer Shorts

If you've stopped wearing shorts long before the end of the summer because of your varicose veins, it's time to do something about them. They won't get better on their own. They will continue to grow and may start to affect your health. Here is why you have these bulging veins in your legs and what you can do about them. Out-Of-Control Blood Vessels are the Problem Tiny valves in your blood vessels control the direction of the blood flow.

When It's More Than Depression: 4 Tips To Unravel The Mystery Of Bipolar Disorder

If you have been diagnosed with depression and have engaged in treatment with no relief, it may be time to discuss the possibility of bipolar disorder with your mental health professional. The fluctuating symptoms of bipolar disorder can be easily misdiagnosed as depression. Be Candid About Your Behavior You may only keep mental health appointments or seek treatment when you feel depressed or suicidal. This can make bipolar disorder more difficult to diagnose.